Road to remain closed overnight after bomb found at Harry Styles airport

road to remain closed overnight after bomb found at harry styles airport

A major road with 100m cordon is remaining closed overnight after the discovery of a world war pipe bomb we can reveal.

Residents in Stubbington Lane are being allowed access to their properties but non residential traffic is being diverted. The closure is likely to remain in place overnight until first light when a controlled explosion will take place of the world war 2 pipe bomb.
Specialists are travelling down from Cambridge.
to deploy ground penetrating RADAR to identify the object and how to deal with the ordnance safely

Hampshire County Council have formalise the road closures with signed diversions.

The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal will continue to work through the night.
Solent Airport remains closed apart from SAR

EOD officers from the royal navy bomb disposal have spent the past two hours attaching explosives to the device under torchlight. Police have advised residents to stay indoors, away from windows.

Solent Airport that was the backdrop for Harry Styles Hit movie Dunkirk has been closed this afternoon after a World War Two Pipe bomb was found whilst contractors where working on the new ducting for a power station
A 100 meter cordon has been out in place whilst the EOD officers deal with the object. The near by road is also going to be closed whilst the device is made safe.

Stubbington Lane closed is closed at the junctions with Moody Road, Eric Road, Sea Lane & Crofton Avenue due to ongoing incident near the airport. Diversion in place from Crofton Avenue and Salterns Road to Bells Lane. There are traffic issues, so consider your route!

Fareham Borough Council said the object had been discovered during construction work for the new sub station on Swordfish Business Park.

It added that police are at the airport investigating the discovery, and the airport has been closed as a precaution.

Council leader Sean Woodward said the item found looked like a pipe bomb.

He added: ‘It is the right thing to do – we are not going to take any risks.

‘We are just being careful because there were a lot of pipe bombs laid during the war.

‘This could well be one that hasn’t been found yet, or of course it could be something completely innocent.

‘Either way we are not taking any chances.’

A Hampshire Constabulary spokeswoman said: ‘We were called to the HMS Daedalus site at 12.38pm today following the discovery of what is believed to be a piece of historic ordnance.

‘Officers are currently at the scene and are in contact with an EOD team.

‘No evacuation of the site has been necessary at this point.’