Fifty Police Officers shut down illegal rave attended by 300 people in Reading after two-hour stand-off

fifty police officers shut down illegal rave attended by 300 people in reading after two hour stand off

Police have successfully  shut down an illegal rave attended by more than 300 people in a field after a two-hour stand-off in Reading on Saturday. A number of people have been arrestted after refusing to leave. Many of those where drunk or drugged up and godding Police officers to use force. The drama unfolded after huge crowds turned up to the party in a field on Berry’s Lane near The Reading Lake Hotel Pingewood in Reading.
Thames Valley Police  said officers were called to the unlicensed music event in Berry’s Lane late on Saturday. (November 18th) 

The police helicopter from near by NPAS Redhill was also deployed to assist with the incident and some 50+ officers where sent to the on scene. Along with Armed Police officers, The forces two on duty dog units for the area and Five Van loads of Riot squad officers wearing Crash Helmets carrying long battens and Plastic shields where ordered by bosses to take back control. Witnessing a very professional job carried out by officers from nearby by Reading,Newbury,Bracknell,Wokingham and Slough attended. Order was restored after a number of stand off with drugged up and drunk ravers who refused to leave the area who them turned on the police when they moved in by thrown missles at the Police despite requests to leave peacfully.

Police ordered speed restrictions to be put in place on the M4 motorway after some of those attending starburstd on to the motorway verges and at one point traffic was held in both directions and the nearby Reading Services put on lockdown with officers block the exits

It is understood that the local hotelier called in the cops after the noise started to vibrate of guest windows.

One guest James Andrews who was staying at the hotel said “I noticed a large group of people hovering at the bottom of the road when I arrived than about 10.15pm the helicopters started circling above that woke us up.

“We looked out of the window and police had formed a human barricade at the end of the road and there were so many police cars.” The Police dealt with the incident very professional despite the DJ swearing and Goding the officers.

A Thames Valley Police Spokesman said” Police was alerted to an unlicensed music event at an address in Reading
“A large number of units attended and dispersed approximately 300 people from field in Berry’s Lane.
An investigation into the incident will take place The spokesperson confirmed a number of people had also been arrested for various offences and taken to the Reading Custody Centre