70K Prestige BMW X5 written off following Three Vehicle Collision in Weybridge

70k prestige bmw x5 written off following three vehicle collision in weybridge

The A317 Queens Road Weybridge was closed in both directions due to an accident between Pine Grove and York Road. The three vehicles involved was a parked BMW X5, a black Audi A4 and a 66 Plate Prestige BMW X5 40D. The 70,000 pound car was a total write off. The black Audi was in collision with the 4×4 and the force of the collision detached the rear wheel and driveshaft.

Dramatic pictures show the aftermath of the the collision and the recovery that saw Queen Road closed for nearly two hours. Police recovery agents attended and winched both vehicles on to flat bed lorries whilst officers from Surrey Police cleared the remains that was left in the road as a result of the collision. A third vehicle a grey BMW x5 was also damaged but did not require recovery.