Watch out for another Facebook scam thats doing the rounds

watch out for another facebook scam thats doing the rounds

Watch out for another Facebook scam. We got this on our work Inbox today and it looks very convincing – but do not click on the link. We have googled the case number and it looks lots of people have had a similar version and we are pretty sure it’s a scam.

Here’s some top tips on how you can check for suspicious emails and spot the scammers:

1. Is it impersonal – do they use your name or not?

2. Check the ‘from’ address – hover your mouse pointer (but do NOT click) over the from address and see if it looks genuine – or is a strange concoction of numbers and letters

3. Is the branding up-to-date and good quality or is it a poor copy?

4. IGNORE ATTACHMENTS & LINKS – unless you are very sure of the source, do not open them or click on them because that is how viruses can download onto your computer.

5. Poor spelling or trying to rush you – both are signs of people trying to con you.