Fire Crews Called for a Fourth Time as Raw Sewage Floods Basement of a Guildford New Build

fire crews called for a fourth time as raw sewage floods basement of a guildford new build

Two fire appliances from Surrey Fire and Rescue stationed at Guildford have been called to Austen House Station View in the City for a Forth time in Three months this morning (Monday November 27). The calls come after Raw sewage flooded the electrical plant room again.

Resident raised the alarm after one thought that they could smell burning. Fire Crews called on a partner agency UK Power to assist in making the area safe. It is understood that an engineer is on site and is isolation the power from Street level due to not being able to safely access the supply within the building.

A fire alarm continues to sound in the basement of car park of the building on Station View that has only just been signed off less than four months after residents moved in. Raw sewage can be smelt in the car park and in the corridors.
Specialist are going to have to be called in to assist in the clean up and removal of the sewage that 4 foot deep in the planet room and covering electrical switching gear. Residents have been left without power and are unable to cook. One resident we spoke to said that this has been going on for the at least a couple of days.

It is understood that a secondary pump that was not listed on the building plan that was meant to assist with the remove of the waste and had not been turned on causing part of the problem and the plant room to flood.