Armed Police Place Street on lockdown on the Isle of Wight

Armed police have placed a street in lock down following an incident on the Isle of Wight this afternoon. (Friday). One man and a woman has been arrested and three weapons sized from a property on Dowsview Road in Sandown. Armed officers where called following a number of calls just after 3pm. Armed officers where deployed to the junction of Downsview where a Police Cordon was set up. Resident living in the road where asked to remain in their homes whilst officers dealt with the incident that was successful resolved after nearly three hours without an exchange of gun fire. One man and a woman were led from a two bedroom property into awaiting Police vans. Firearms officers made two air rifles safe and a following a search a small handgun was made safe. These are understood to have been removed from the property by officers and now form part of there investigation. During the stand off Police called in Partners from Islenof Wight Ambulance service who sent a number of officers a rapid response paramedic and an Ambulance to the RV point. These were later stood down and no treatment was given by the service. A man in his 40’s has been taken to Newport Police station for questioning over fire arm offences and a woman from the same property was been arrested for Drug offences. Shocked residents described officers with guns and shield descending on the street there were a lot of officers some with Guns others with shields and they were wearing black helmets with goggles on. I’ve been turned away from my home I’d only popped down the some for the weekend shop Daud one resident who asked not to be named. Armed Officers surrounded a property in Sandown, Downsview, off Perowne Way,
in the afternoon before eventually moving in to make at least 1 arrest at just before 7pm. The armed police were in position from a child’s bedroom window and behind parked cars.
A search of the property has turned up a handgun. Forensic investigators are continuing to to search the property.

A 44-year-old man from Godshill has been arrested for possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

A 47-year-old woman is being questioned on suspicion of supplying a Class B drug. They remain in custody at Newport Police station.