Emergency Ambulance Crew ticketed in Fareham

Local resident Ben Trickett captured the moment a Traffic Wardrn working for Fareham Borough Council issued a ticket to an ambulance in West Street.

The vehicle is owned by a company called SSG UK Specialist Ambulance Service. They are based on the Wickham Road in Fareham.

The company are contracted to provide 999 cover for South Central Ambulance Service and Emergency Secure Mental Health Transport.

In this area, the company do not, routinely, perform Patient Transport. The vehicles are legally defined as Ambulances.

The crews perform the same work as NHS Ambulances and are trained and equipped to the same levels.

Staff mostly work a 12hr shift. During that shift they are entitled to a 30min break…..

30mins…in 12hrs.

Depending on where you work, but certainly in the Portsmouth area, “down time” between calls is virtually non-existent and the opportunity to grab a coffee like this is limited.

The crews must stay near the Ambulance for obvious reasons.

The decisions that the crews make on a daily basis are serious and life-changing.