Exculsive Portsmouth QA Hospital Worker Arrested after Sting operation to meet 14 Year Old Boy In Hospital Grounds

exculsive portsmouth qa hospital worker arrested after sting operation to meet 14 year old boy in hospital grounds

A hospital worker who has access to children on a daily bases has been arrestted by Police. Hospital worker Mark James who works in the X Ray department that carries out scans on young child who attended the hospital is allegedly arranged to meet a 14 year old boy at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth it is understood in the toilets during a lunchtime. James who has access to all hospital files and other medical records with the Trust and the UK Hospital is now in custody as a result of a string operation.. He arranged via a number of text messages to meet the boy within the hospitial ground over a lunchtime to carried out sexual acts against the underage minor.

Warped James is also understood to have sent a number of graphic images to the boy whom he understood to be 14 years old despite the fact knowing and being told but still continued to communication and make arrangements to meet the boy. In shocking footage shown as a live String by SKID Community at James’s Property at a Portsmouth flat near to the QA the broken worker admits carrying out the sick acts. James has since been arrested by officers from Hampshire Police and remains in custody awaiting questing by detectives at Portsmouth Central Police Station. When pressed on why he was talking to a child like he had he said that it was just stupid. He was more concerned about his partner finding out that he had been on the Grinder app than the fact that he has been grooming a 14 year old boy.
A spokesperson on behalf of the QA Hospital said:”“We are aware that a serious allegation has been made against a member of staff and we have commenced a full internal investigation. It would be inappropriate to comment further on the details of the case at this time.”