Flooding, Strong Winds and Heavy Rain hit the Southcoast

Heavy rainfall has been forecast for the Southcoast and the Isle of Wight Sunday evening into Monday morning and will be accompanied by strong to gale force winds at some locations.

It is anticipated that some Flood Alerts will be issued for some river catchments across The area

This means flooding to low lying land and roads is possible.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We do not expect river levels to reach any Flood Warning thresholds and would expect no property to be affected.”

Be flood ready. It is important that you are prepared for flooding and we encourage you to take 3 simple steps:-

Sign up to Flood Warning Service to receive free flood warnings

Know what to do when a flood warning is issued. We encourage you have a personal flood plan for you and your family

Keep an eye on the situation. You can view at 5 day weather forecast and monitor river levels online at and