Missing Pensioner Airlifted to Hospitial after major search Operation

major search sparked by missing 81 year old man

A Pensioner has been airlifted to Hospitial following a successful major search and rescue operation that has gone on through the night. Shortly after 6.40am on Monday morning Mr Salih was found by Coastguard search and Rescue team near Shanklin. He has since been airlifted to St Marys Hospital by the Coastguard rescue helicopter Rescue 175. Search Volunteers from WightSar, Coastguard CRT teams along with Police officers from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police called Upon the Costguard rescue helicopter after the 81 year old man was discovered missing on Sunday afternoon. After a wide area search that went on through the night the pensioner was discovered suffering from hypothermia by a member of the Ventnor Coastguard search teams. He was treated at the location and than airlifted to St Mary’s Hospitial in Newport.