Convicted Portsmouth Baby Killer has appeal against conviction refused

convicted portsmouth baby killer has appeal against conviction refused

A Buckland woman, who was sentenced to life for battering her own newborn baby to death, has been refused the right to appeal her conviction.

Nicola Brown, formerly of Seymour Close, Buckland, murdered her 19-day-old baby with a series of blows to the head after subjecting him to a catalogue of abuse in 2014.

Despite maintaining her innocence a judge found no reason or new evidence to give her grounds for appeal.

Brown, 44, who was sentenced to life on Valentine’s Day last year, learnt yesterday that she will have to serve a minimum of 14-and-a-half-years for the wicked attack on her newborn son, Jake Long.

Winchester Crown Court heard how Brown killed Jake at her Buckland home by smashing his head with “astonishing force” using a hard object.

It caused horrific injuries including bruises to his scalp, a fractured skull, a bilateral brain haemorrhage and bleeding to his eyes.

A post-mortem found he also had 17 rib fractures caused by an adult squeezing him. An earlier brain injury was probably from being shaken.

Her forklift driver husband Jason Brown, 45 – Jake’s father – was cleared of causing or allowing the death of a child.

The original trial heard how the couple, who married after Jake’s death, had been in a volatile relationship and text messages between them showed they often argued.

Neighbours told us at the time of their trial that the family were unpopular and anti-social and often appeared unwashed, shouting and swearing in the street.