BBC Unveil New Sir David Attenborough Series

Sir David Attenborough is to front a new BBC One wildlife series produced by the team behind Planet Earth II.

The five-part series, called Dynasty, will follow different animals – a Lion, Hunting Dog, Chimpanzee, Tiger, and Emperor Penguin – at crucial times in their lives, looking at how they protect their family, territory, and dynasty.

“Four years in the making, capturing extraordinary family dynamics and behaviour, I hope these intimate animal dramas will connect with audiences just as Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II did,” BBC director of content, Charlotte Moore, said

Tom McDonald, head of commissioning for natural history and specialist factual at the BBC, added: “Dynasty is such a distinctive series, with a completely unique approach to bringing the audience into the lives of these iconic animals.

“I’m thrilled that Sir David will be bringing his extraordinary storytelling to this incredibly ambitious, landmark project – a gripping portrait of our planet at a tipping point for the animals, their habitats and our world.”

The series, from the teams behind Life Story and Planet Earth II, will debut on BBC One later this year.

The first episode of Attenborough’s Blue Planet II was the most watched television episode in the UK of 2017, drawing an audience of more than 14 million.