Thieving Parents asked to Return stolen Thermometers from QA Hospitial

thieving parents asked to return stolen thermometers from qa hospitial

The children’s unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital has sadly had to purchase over 40 thermometers over the last financial year due to previous ones being mislaid. Each of our thermometers cost around £160 – so a total of £6400 over the year.

I’m sure each and every person reading this will have had a child or know of a child treated by the children’s unit at QA.

A thermometer is a very basic but very vital piece of equipment that would be used on every single child that comes through the door of the hospital.

Due to the financial deficit, the unit is no longer allowed to order equipment without the approval of management. Since 40 have already been order this year we are not able to easily reorder.

So if any of these thermometers have accidentally made their way to you home, bag, children’s play area please can you return them. Reception staff will take them no questions asked!