Exclusive Portsmouth Pub opens Function Room for City’s Homeless

exclusive portsmouth pub opens function room for citys homeless

A kind-hearted Landlord and Landlady have decided to open up their function room this Thursday and Friday for the city’s homeless.

Philanthropic Publicans Colin and Jayne Nash realised they had no functions on in the Old Barn, the room behind The Milton Arms, at the junction of Priory Crescent and Milton Road, and when they sa the severe weather forecast they realised they could do something for the vulnerable of Portsmouth.

“The Barn will be vacant for Thursday and Friday night so we have decided to put it to good use,” they told Spotted Portsmouth.

“From tomorrow morning through to Saturday afternoon we are opening our doors to any homeless person in need of somewhere to sleep. There will be heating and hot food available for free to all that wish to make use of this opportunity.

“Please can everyone share this post and inform any one you know that is in need of somewhere warm to stay. Also we are asking for any donations and help with sleeping bags, bedding an blankets to help those that need it. Thank you all in advance.”