Fire Cuts from Five to Four Man Crewing on the Isle of Wight You need to be aware

fire cuts from five to four man crewing on the isle of wight you need to be aware

Imagine turning up to this in the middle of the night with a crew of four. You cannot send in your fire fighters to search for the occupants until the next fire engine arrives. It could be 10-15 minutes away. The moral pressure builds from the public to do something.
The actions in the first few minutes of a fire can have a massive effect on its outcome. Lives can be saved or lost.
Your council leaders preferred option is to cut crews to four from five. Under fire service procedures for safety, they cannot carry out full search and rescue with four crew.
This could be your house with your family inside.
The safety of the public and fire fighters are at risk from this budget based review, and your council leaders aren”t even giving you the public a chance to consult them on it or allow a full council meeting to make the decision.
They will tell you fires don’t happen at night. When they do they can be devastating.