Portsmouth Teenage Thug Jailed for Four Years

portsmouth teenage thug jailed for four years

A Somerstown teenager, who repeatedly stabbed a student in October of last year, has received a four year sentence at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Travis Martin, 17, of Cottage Grove, Somerstown – who is already serving a four year custodial sentence for another offence – viciously attacked the 22-year-old at the junction of Rivers Street and Sedgeley Close, stabbing him four times.

The 22-year-old victim was rushed to Southampton General Hospital following the incident, in the shadow of Edgbaston House, just after 4am on Saturday 14th October of last year, as previously reported.

Shawn Owen Griffiths, 19, of Greetham Street, Landport, was jailed for three months for his part in the attack, using threatening words and behaviour immediately prior to the stabbing.

The victim, a Masters student, had intervened after witnessing Martin becoming abusive towards a girl as he passed the Somertown Hub after a night out.

For his trouble he was stabbed in his right thigh, twice on his right shoulder and once on the back of his neck. The blade hit an artery, lacerated his lung and the leg wound cut down to the bone.

Judge Timothy Mousley QC was forced to reduce the length of the sentence due to Martin’s age, as he is legally viewed as a child, and despite the fact Martin had initially pleaded not guilty – and refused to give up the weapon – he did admit to the offence just prior to trial.