Middlesbrough Pedophile Andrew Dixon Jailed for 33 Month after Guardian of the North Sting

middlesbrough pedophile andrew dixon jailed for 33 month after guardian of the north sting

Andrew Dixon 52 from Linthorpe Middlesbrough turned up to meet what he believed to be a 15 year old male for sexual activities however it was one of our 15 year old male decoys, when he arrived at Pennywell where he arranged to meet our decoy he was confronted by members of our team, we contacted the police who arrived shortly after and arrested the male, Dixon showed no remorse but plenty of arrogance this however isn’t the first time he has committed an offence like this because he committed an offence similar back in 2007 when he indecently assaulted a female child, he had also distributed indecent images of children from the ages of 2 being sexually assaulted online

Dixon who appeared in court this morning was jailed for 33 months and placed on the sex offender registar for life