Ryde esplanade cordoned off by Police after Ordnance found

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Officers from Hampshire police have cordoned off an area on Ryde Esplanade near the north walk-this morning we can reveal.

Officers at the scene have revealed that a single Grenade has been found with the pin still in it on the beach. A 100 meter cordon around the location of the ordnance has been put in place by two officers who are now directing the public away from the effected area.

Bomb Disposal Experts from Portsmouth have been alerted to the find and are expected to arrive on the Island at around 9.30am to remove the single piece of ordnance.

In the meantime a cordon is in place on North Walk in order to protect members of the public. Island road and local contractors have now attended and put in a hard road closure.

Bomb disposal experts have removed the World War II grenade from the beach and have taken it back to Portsmouth for further examination The Corden has now been lifted and police have now left the scene as it is now declared safe