Car seat Safety recall by Britax

Britax Römer is issuing a voluntary recall of the classic DUALFIX due to a potential safety issue with a component in the seat. The DUALFIX seats that have this potential issue were sold between 3rd November 2017 and 22nd March 2018. The specific component is not used in any other Britax Römer child car seat or product.

Britax Römer has clearly identified the cause of this issue. We have not received any reports of incidents or accidents relating to the potentially faulty component. While the potential breakage of the component is a safety concern, only a fraction of the seats have the potentially affected components.

Britax Römer initiated this recall due to results that did not meet our safety standards from our regular, internal conformity of production (COP) tests. Child safety and the quality of our products is the highest priority at Britax Römer. We perform COP tests at a much higher frequency than legally required in order to react quickly should the need arise.

Concerned parents or seat owners can check at a specialist link set up by Britax: