Portsmouth Serial Stalker Paul Nelson Jailed for 21 months

portsmouth serial stalker paul nelson jailed for 21 months

A portsmouth serial stalker is today starting a 21 month jail sentenced handed down by Portsmouth City Crown Court Judge. Obsessed Nelson who appeared via video link from Exeter Prison dressed in a grey prison issue t shirt.
Described as Sinter and Warped
Paul Nelson 43 of Western Avenue Southsea finally fell on his own sword after years of hassement and hacking of a barmaid gmail account. The court heard that on the 19th March Nelson pleaded Guilty to one offence of stalking. The court further heard that Nelson had a previous conviction for stalking a member of staff at the Wedgwood rooms. He made threats to that member of staff that he would post a picture of his penis to Spotted he also added comments claiming that he had been grooming a 14 year old girl and that he was a sicko. The police attended and had the picture removed. Nelson claims that he took the picture from an open Facebook page whilst it was left unlocked in an office. The judge imposed a order that Nelson is not to enter Palmerston Road and Clarendon Road. The court ordered that a laptop Nelson owned to also be forfeited. The woman was saved from Giving evidence despite the fact that the charge and the case warranted custody. The defence claimed that there was no specialist knowledge or software used to access the accounts.
The court heard that Nelson father dead of cancer in 2013 and his mother died in 2017 after the family put her in a home. He started to drink heavily the loss of a family pet also added to his grief. The court was told that the stalking that was carried out was over a period of seven month. He has sought help for his alcoholism from his doctor.

Warped Nelson tracked the woman moments to blood appointment and smashed her vehicle.
He was angered by his victim’s choice of a partner and claimed the pair had concocted the case against him.

Nelson first met the woman years ago and continued to pursue her after one police investigation. A second investigation has now led him to be put behind bars

Nelson guilty plea meant the case did not need to go to trial and the true extent of his behaviour will never revealed.
In passing sentence his honour Bebb QC said
You pleaded guilty to an offence of stalking causing this woman serious distress over seven months that clearly effected her day to day life. You turned up at a sports centre whilst she was giving blood and you trashed her name. You wrote things about her you hacked into her social media accounts and private emails even following the progress of the police investigation was in it’s self calculated. You caused and played Psychological warfare with this woman you left a thick black cloud that hovers over her and has really effected her life. You pleaded guilty after overwhelming evidence was put before you not for one of remorse and in my judgement the only remorse you have shown is in being caught.