Gosport Council Come Down Hard on Crack House

gosport council come down hard on crack house

Gosport Borough Council has successfully imposed a premises closure order on a leasehold property in Turner Avenue following a number of serious issues connected with the property. The order was granted at Portsmouth Magistrates Court for 121 Turner Avenue. The order prevents any person, other than the leaseholder and his contractors attempting to enter the property.

Julie Smith, Head of Housing said “The order will remain in place until 21 June 2018 and no persons will be allowed to enter the property during this time. We are pleased that the residents and wider community will get some much needed respite while we consider what further action is necessary to safeguard the community from experiencing such activities again. This may include applying for a forfeiture of the lease.”

Cllr Mark Hook, Leader of Gosport Borough Council said: “This is a great result for our housing team working in collaboration with the Neighbourhood Policing Team and a good example of partnership working in the community. On behalf of residents in the area who have been affected by this we’re very happy with today’s outcome.”

Gosport District Commander, Chief Inspector Sharon Woolrich, said: “I’m pleased that this closure order has been granted by the court, which has recognised the serious impact of drug-related anti-social behaviour on the surrounding residents of Turner Avenue.

“This action has been taken by Gosport Borough Council’s housing team with the support of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, following reports from ten members of the public of criminal behaviour associated with the address. We take these reports very seriously, especially when they relate to drugs.

“People living in the area have been affected by suspicious people visiting the address, who have been banging windows and ringing buzzers to gain entry at all times of day and night. Violent fights have also been heard and blood has been found in stairwells. Bicycles have blocked hallways, communal areas have been damaged, a strong smell of drugs has been reported, along with reports of persons collapsed outside the block.

“We executed a warrant at the address at the beginning of this year and we will continue to carry out enforcement activity relating to this address.

“PC Lisa Bonell and other members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working alongside partner agencies to ensure the safety and security of the residents of Turner Avenue. We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and will use every available power to stop it”.