Major Search Operation on River Medina For Distressed Kayaker

major search operation on river medina for distressed kayaker

A Major Search operation has been launched this evening involving Three Coastguard Search and Rescue Teams from across the Isle of Wight and the Cowes RNLI Inshore Lifeboat.
Search and Rescue Volunteers where mobilised shortly after 11pm on Friday evening (6th April 2018) after reports of a Kayaker in a red Kayak was in the water and understood to be in some distress on the River Medina.

A search has been taking place on the River Medina for the past two-three hour and on the shore for the reported person.

A set of footprints in the mud have been found near to the Vestas Off shore wind headquarters on Stag Lane and this is now being investigated by the Cowes Lifeboat and Coastguard teams on foot.

Search teams have been been carrying out both land and sea searches following a call into the UK Coastguard Operations centre at Fareham just before 11pm.

Despite an extensive land and sea search both Lifeboat crew and Coastguard search and rescue officers have been stood down by the UK Coastguard Operations Centre who have been coordinating the search.

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0200 Saturday 7th April 2018:

A Further development has taken place following the earlier search of the River Medina. A spokesperson for the UK Coastguard has confirm that a second incident is being worked and the lifeboat has been launched but refused to confirm if the incidents are or were one of the same. The launching is following Security Staff at the Foley Inn finding a yellow Horseshoe man overboard lifejacket that was wet attached to the a fence and footprints leading from water.

A number of Coastguard search and rescue officers from the Needles Coastguard search and Rescue teams have now since been redeployed from Stag Lane Newport to the area and are carrying out a further shore line search in and around the area. Officers on the ground searching have called on the help of a lifeboat to search further parts of the River Medina after is has been reported and understood that a distress whistle from a life jacket could be heard being blown a number of times. Despite the searchers calling out nothing as been found on the near by banks or shoreside.
The Cowes RNLI Inshore lifeboat is now carrying out a shoreline search following the report of a the horse shoe ring being found on the shore. A search isn now being carried out near to the Folly Inn in Whippenham.
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