UPDATED:Isle of Wight Motorists to face weeks of traffic “chaos” as transport bosses add temporary lights on the two busiest routes into Newport

Drivers are facing traffic “chaos” as transport bosses prepare to add temporary lights on two of the busiest routes into Newport on the Isle of Wight. The same days as school return from the Eater break on the Isle of Wight.

Staplers Road and Fairlee Road in Newport will be see delays for up to a five weeks whilst Southern Gas Networks carry out Works on Staplers and maintenance works is carried out on Fairlee.

Yellow traffic warning signs have been out out on Staplers warning drivers to expect delays. Many will take the option of running the Speed humps through the Pan Estate in an attempt to avoid the chaos.

Bus users are unlikely to escape the chaos. Southern Vectis have said that routes five,eight and nine are going to be effect their best advice is allow enough time for your journey and any onward connection you may have.

SGN are renewing 115 metres of steel pipework with modern pipes that meet gas safety regulations. They will also be renewing 14 services to nearby properties.

The work means there will be 2-way and 3-way temporary traffic lights at the top of Staplers, close to the junctions with Furrlongs and Mayfield Drive.

Drivers we have spoke to who are not looking forward to they daily commute into work are calling on traffic bosses to question why have works on two major routes into Newport from the East of the Island. Why this work could not have been carried out over night we shall never know.

One Isle of Wight councillor said he expected the works to be “rather chaotic” for motorists.
But he described the work as “necessary”

We have contacted Island Roads for Comment

Work is expected to be completed by 21st May.