Road Closed after unexploded bomb find in Shorwell on the Isle of Wight

road closed after unexploded bomb find in shorwell on the isle of wight

A Explosive Ordnance Disposal Teams are on route to Shorwell on the Isle of Wight this after following the find of a large piece of unexploded ordnance. Experts have been called in to examine the find by Police.

Police have closed the road from Shorwell Village in both directions whilst they await the arrival of the team.
Residents in the effect area are being advised to stay in their home with the windows open and curtains closed. It is unclear if homes effected near the device have been evacuated.

UPDATED: Police have now lifted the road closure having determined that the unexploded ordnance is a safe distance from the carriageway. Officers remain at the property awaiting the arrival of the EOD Team

UPDATE: 1810 The bomb has now been safely and successfully detonated by EOD experts The Royal Navy team removed a two-inch trench mortar bomb from Shorwell Shute.