Trolls spread rumours after family left homesless in Bembridge

Trolls have taken to facebook and other social media platforms claiming that Chris Reed and his family have no insurance on their home after it was struck by lighting on Saturday. Good natured Villagers of Bembridge have rallied around putting out collection jars asking for donations to help the family. Other have donated items of bedding and clothing after the family’s possessions where destroyed and damaged by water after the fire ripped through the property. Distraught Glenda has spoke this evening: “Dear all of Bembridge we were devastated to hear today that someone has taken it upon themselves to say that we have no insurance and that is why everyone is raising money and giving to us. We are insured.
However, We did not ask to have our home destroyed, it was an act of nature and not neglect.
If you can imagine that you come home one night and your life together of 40+ years is going up in flames, you are not sure if your son, mother and dogs are safe and then you have no home anymore. What you had was not ruined or lost by smoke and flame is ruined by torrents of water. Then you have to start all over again piecing your life back together but before even that you have to clear the precious belongings away in Black sacks or they have gone up in smoke for ever ! Please the wonderful people of Bembridge if you don’t want to give or you want your money or gifts back then please say and we will oblige I don’t wish anyone to give who has been misled. Thank you Glenda Reed”