Shocking as HGV Roadworker is Caught using his Mobile on the M27 Motorway

This video has just been captured on the M27 Motorway near to junction nine in Hampshire. This is how people die. This is how children grow up without their mummy or daddy. Or why parents have to bury their child. Because you ‘needed’ to send that text message, or check Facebook. There is never a good enough excuse, in the size of the vehicle you are driving, to risk others lives. The video has been passed to Hampshire Police who have confirmed that they have launched an investigation and are now taking steps to trace the driver involved. The shocked passenger who filmed the footage had to take a double take.

To think someone who risks being struck by driver on a daily bases whilst repairing the road would know better. The incident was filmed yard from where a man lost his life he was killed and seven others injured when three cars and a lorry slammed into each other causing a huge motorway fireball.