What the Police service really needs

Hampshire Police Federation Chairman John Apter has given his view on what the police service needs from a new Home Secretary – and what it is likely to get…

John said, “With the resignation of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary comes speculation of who will be her successor. With years of cuts and continual anti police rhetoric coming from Downing Street policing in the United Kingdom is on its knees, it’s broken.

“With police officer numbers dropping to levels not seen since the 1970s, policing needs a lifeline more than ever. It needs a Home Secretary to understand just how bad things have become.

“With many aspects of crime increasing, knife crime out of control and a murder rate in our capital higher than we’ve ever seen before you would hope anybody who takes up the job would understand this.

“Sadly, I fear no matter who our next Home Secretary is things wont change. With an anti police Prime Minister pulling the strings I have little doubt it will be business as usual for the new Home Secretary and the continual destruction of British policing will continue.

“I accept this may be a cynical view but from experience it’s a realistic one. I genuinely hope for the sake of my colleagues who work tirelessly to protect the public day in and day out I’m wrong, but I doubt it.”