Scum bag attack girl in Worthing

Appeal on behalf of a supporter:So Sophie Ali was coming home after walking the dogs this morning between 10.30 and 11 am. she came through the alley way heading into Griffin Crescent where 3 random low life’s came up behind her and kicked the younger Labrador. From what Soph remembes as she tried to pull him away they then pushed her head with such force into the fence they caused her to blackout leaving her on the floor unconscious.. when she woke up the younger Labrador was laying ontop of her and there was no one around. She has sustained grazing and bruising to her face..the paramedics called the police on scene.. Sophie was allowed home this evening from the hospital .. they didn’t take her phone or keys so this attack is thought to be racial. We think the older dog may have tried to protect Sophie by biting one of the lads. The only current description Sophie is able to give at present is 3 males, white, and possibly late 20s. Please share this around as someone must have heard something because low lifes like these like to brag about attacking a young girl who was going about her business.