Should she have to pay the fine

Posted for a follower In her own Words :Makes me feel sick that I’ve had to pay a fine for trying to kill myself, I should of got the help from a mental health professional but instead was told no sorry can’t help you there’s no beds you’ll just have to manage on your own, so police were called but instead of helping they arrested me promising to get a mental health act assessment when I got to custody instead turned away with a fine and no support in place, than had to be picked up by my father and sedated just to get through the night I have a handful of mental illnesses that have been diagnosed I should be receiving treatment not turned away every time I reach out for help, you have a person willing to recover with the support of mental health professional’s, yet what are they supposed to do when they continually get turned away, and told I’m not ill enough because I’m asking for help(doesn’t make sense) the fine was originally £60 but managed to get down to £30 so gritted my teeth and payed it, so I didn’t have to go through the agony of court.. the system is failing so many people it’s not right people are dying.. bunch of assholes !! Discount generic Priligy online from Canada find on .

Willfull obstruction of a high way- NO B*** S*** I was in a mental health crisis at breaking point and the only way out after being turned away from the people who are supposed to help you I thought I’m done I can’t carry on so walked out in to the road, there was nothing willfull about it, today I’m doing better am I out walking in front of the road – NO! because I’m not suicidal!!