Sainsbury’s supermarket Worker Mike Doling Stung By Pompey Predator Watch

A Southampton man this evening remains in custody after being arrested and is being questioned by officers from Hampshire Police on the grooming of underage children and arranging to meet them for sex. The arrest of the 47 year old supermarket store worker comes following a Live sting by the group based in Portsmouth known as “Pompey Predator Watch”. The former Tesco Worker who now works for Sainsbury’s in Bitterne Southampton was caught out in an undercover sting by the group after months of talking and texting to underage children, grooming them with pictures and text messages.

He arranged to meet up with one of the underage girls during his lunch hour whilst at work. During sick exchanges he offers to buy Sexy underwear for one of the girls. Coolhead Mike turns up at home in his little red car unaware he was just about to be stung by the group who travelled over especially to put an end to his behaviour after being tipped of by a Manchester based group justice for Kids.
Doling was stung outside his home in Chisholm Close in Lordshill Southampton. Doling over a number of weeks had sent pictures and begged for sex with the underage decoys chatting to them whilst he was in the bath and in the toilets at home and at his work place. When he was made aware he had in fact been speaking to a 14 year old girl he knew. Doling claimed he was only talking to the 14 yr old girl as well as 5 other 13 year old girls as a joke.
Doling spoke to a girl who was named Amy who was underage. He promised to take her to Spain, he offered to buy her underwear whilst he also spoke to an other decoy. ‘I am going to say yes I have been talking to her I was just mucking about’. Admitting that he had been speaking to her since December and had been speaking to others. He than claimed that he wasn’t speaking to a young child and was never going to go through with any of what he had said in text messages exchanged between himself and the girl who was 14 years old and she’d made that clear many times. The girl said that she was having a bath and that she would message him after. Doling than asked if he could come and join her in the bath. When asked what his ill wife was doing whilst he was taking all the pictures. Doling hung his head in shame and said that she was out of the house. He sent pictures of himself in his boxers and messages saying that he wanted to lick chocolate off her. Doling had sent so many pictures that the group didn’t have enough ink to print them all off. The group then made claim that he has been talking to five or six other underage girl who were only 13 years old. Doling than claimed that it was only a bit of banter. Doling’s wife and son watched as the sting took place outside in the street.
All these exchanges have now been past to Hampshire Police who have confirmed that they are investigating and a man has been questioned at Southampton Central Police station.
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