Police detain Man with a knife in Newport on the Isle of Wight

police detain man with a knife in newport on the isle of wight

Police have this evening arrested a man for possession of a blade article in a public place after he threaten to stab a teenager down in the Scarrots Lane alley of Newport. It is understood that a dispute started in the Mcdonalds fast food restaurant on Upper St James Street just after 4.30pm on Thursday (May 3). The burger bar at the time was packed with families and young children. The dispute than spilled out of the restaurant and down the back lane alleyway.
One Dinner who asked not to be named said: A homeless man and a teenager were kicking off in McDonald’s and he (the teenager) came out and kicked the window. Next thing was the homeless man came out followed by a large group of teenagers and It is than that the man is said to have pulled the knife out.
Police have since detained the man who was than hand cuffed and taken to Newport Police station. Witnesses describe a number of police vehicles arriving to deal with and diffuse the incident. Officers also recovered a knife from the detained man