DVLA tax refund scam reaches Hampshire

motorists are being warned about a new DVLA car tax scam.

Drivers in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight have been receiving messages and phone calls from scam artists claiming to be the DVLA.

The message is similar to ones seen previously, with a message related to car tax overpayment or calculations, offering a refund to drivers.

It reads: “We have recalculated your vehicle tax.

“You are owed £48.84 due to overpayment.

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“Click the secure link http://******* to claim your refund.”

In response to the message the DVLA tweeted the motorists warning them of the fraudulent nature of the message.

It read: “Hi, we don’t send text messages about vehicle tax refunds, it is a scam. Please delete the message and don’t click the link.”

DVLA bosses have outlined that the only way they will contact motorists is via the post and not using text messages or emails or phone calls.