Four jailed for GBH with intent and false imprisonment

[L-R: Mwanzo, Forbes, Blackford, Kodua-Owusu]

Four men who subjected their victim to a ‘gangland style beating’ were sentenced to a combined total of 11 years and 3months’ imprisonment.

Myron Forbes, 23 of Malvern Road, Kilburn was sentenced to 32 months’ imprisonment with a further two months for an activated suspended sentence.

Gael Mwanzo, 21 of Leigham Court, Lambeth was sentenced to 32 months’ imprisonment.

Prince Kodua-Owusu, 21 of Walbrook Court, Rupert Road, Liburn was sentenced to 37 months’ imprisonment.

Rakeem Blackford, 23 of Stafford Road, Kilburn was sentenced to 32 months’ imprisonment.

All four men were sentenced at Harrow Crown court on Wednesday, 2 May.

The court heard that on 14 November the victim went to a flat on Albert Road, Kilburn to collect a charging cable.

When he walked in, he was met by a group of men. Forbes threatened the victim with a knife, punched him and then dragged him into the bedroom with the other men.
As the victim was stripped, robbed of his rucksack containing his phone, Bluetooth speaker and bank cards, he was racially abused. He was then beaten and whipped with a belt, charging cable and broom handle. The group recorded the beating on their phones.

Following his ordeal, which lasted for approximately 45 minutes, he then had a bottle of bleach thrown into his eye, temporarily blinding him for an hour, and told to steal food and drink from a nearby shop before returning to the flat to get his house keys back.

Once at the shop on Rupert Road, Kilburn the victim told the shop keeper what had happened who then called police.

Officers forced entry into the address and arrested Blackford on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. The following day, officers arrested Mwanzo and Kodua-Owusu at their home addresses. Forbes was not at his home at the time and later presented himself with his solicitor at Wembley Police station, where he was arrested.

All four were charged with attempted GBH with intent and false imprisonment. Forbes was further charged with Witness Intimidation.

Detective Constable James Allsopp from Brent Gangs Unit said: “The bringing of this case to court and the sentencing highlights that the CPS, Metropolitan Police Service and the local community continue to work together to show that such violence will not be tolerated and justice can still be found, even when people are threatened and intimidated. We urge all communities to keep working with the police so that we can continue trying to make London as safe as we possibly can.”