Bent Bookies cashier escape jail after Robbery

A bookmakers’ cashier who allowed her father to steal more than £3,000 after they staged a fake robbery has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Chevvine Darling, 28 of Broadhead Strand, Colindale, was convicted of conspiracy to steal and perverting the course of justice after a one-week trial at Kingston Crown Court in April.

At Guilford Crown Court on Friday, 4 May, Darling was sentenced to 21 months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, and 200 hours of community service.

Her father, Anthony Whyte, 46 of Greenway, Maidstone, Kent, who pleaded guilty to theft, was sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment.

The court heard Darling was working at Ladbrokes in The Broadway, Edgware, on 9 October 2016 when her father Anthony Whyte entered the bookmakers and demanded cash via a note which read ‘put money in bag no tricks no buzzers’.

Darling, who was one of two cashiers working on the day, handed over a total of £3,870 and subsequently reported she had been robbed by an unknown male.

Whyte was forensically linked to the crime scene and was arrested by Flying Squad officers on 27 March 2017. Examination of his mobile phone identified a link to one of the cashiers prior to and after the theft and further investigation identified that the cashier was in fact his daughter.

Darling was arrested at her home address on 17 April 2017 and two mobile phones were seized. Analysis of the phones revealed a number linked to ‘dad’, which she was in contact with throughout the day of the offence.

Further enquiries revealed Darling had breached company protocol with the regards to the amount of cash in the safe thus facilitating the theft.

On 9 May 2017 at Kingston Crown Court, Whyte pleaded guilty to theft and offered a basis of plea in which he stated he was only aware that it was his daughter half way through the offence. He said he thought she worked at a different branch.

Detective Constable Emma Butcher, of the Met’s Flying Squad, said: “Chevvine Darling abused her position of trust to allow her father to steal a significant sum of money from the bookmakers’. The other cashier working on the day, who believed it was a real robbery, suffered unnecessary fear and upset due to her selfish actions. The jail sentences handed out to both defendants reflects the consequences of committing these type of offences.”

Whyte was also sentenced to 21 months’ imprisonment for a further robbery committed on 4 December 2016 at Ladbrokes at Watford Way, Mill Hill, London where he made demands and stole just over £400. He was also disqualified from driving for 30 months.