Aaron you have people out there for you

Written by David Smith :I am looking to make contact with Aaron Webster who is from North Devon, South West UK. Aaron I think moved to the Isle of Wight last year (2017). Aaron has recently had some traumatic news, but I wanted to make contact with Aaron to let him know that he is not alone, he has a whole family he knows nothing or very little about back here in North Devon, he may have a lot of quesitons that are unanswered that I can help him with, he has nieces and nephews who he has never met, I have a son that literally looks like Aarons younger brother! Aaron is you are reading or see this, I ask you to make contact if you feel you want to, we are here for you, you are not alone in your feelings, there is so much for you to get to know, to find out, and real family to meet who dearly love you, think of you, and have done for many years, please don’t think you’re alone in these times, you have never got to know how much we all thought and think about you, I am hoping that you get this message. You can contact your fathers brother on 07584 923 354. There is no pressure from us, we just want you to know you are not alone, we are here for you anytime and all the time as may be. We are family and love you to the moon and back!