Cruel thieves steal medics bike whilst he’s out saving lives

An emergency care assistants was responding to 999 calls last night as part of the South Central ambulance team helping save lives and look after the people of Portsmouth and the surrounding area, his unique bike below (a custom built NS Soda and his only transport) was stolen from the ambulance station by one male who used bolt cutters to remove a padlock before passing it over the fence to two accomplices. A driver of the Tesco van spotted what was going on and tried to stop them but they trio managed to get away. The theft happened around 8.30pm-9pm, The bike is Rob’s only mode of transport to get to and from work. Having launched an appeal on to help find his bike, South Central Ambulance Service have been innundated with offers from members of the public who want to make a small donation to help Rob fund the cost of a replacement bike should his not be recovered.

Rob says: “I am very humbled by the kind offers of donations. I cannot afford to replace the bike on my own but obviously do need to still have transport to get to and from work – and with my various shift patterns public transport isn’t always an option. If people do want to make a small donation towards the cost of a replacement bike it is being collected on my behalf via this site. Thank you.”

Hampshire Police are investigating the crime (ref no 44180180218) and would be very keen to hear from anyone who may be offered the bike for sale.