Breaking:Police in Stand off with Man in Freshwater

breakingpolice in stand off with man in freshwater

Police on the Isle of Wight have cordoned off a property this lunchtime (Saturday May 19th) after a man is refusing to come down from the roof of a property it is understood. Officers are at the front and the rear of a property on Tennyson Road,Freshwater near to the flower shop. The road has also been closed to the public and traffic.

Officers from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police have also called on air assets from the National Air support to assist with the incident NPAS have allocated a Eurocopter based at Bournemouth to Assist officers on the ground. Six Police vehicles and a number of officers are the the incident.
An appliance from Isle of Wight fire and rescue stationed at Freshwater that is on the same road as the incident and a tech adviser have also been called to assist Police. The man remains on on the roof but as yet no reason has been given to why.
Hampshire Police have yet to issue a statement of there reason for there present or what sparked the incident that happened just before 12.10 on Saturday.

The man has been named locally as Matty Doyle who in his early 30’s who is understood to live at the property in Tennyson Road. Armed Police have put in a containment at the rear of the property and they are being supported by a dog and his handler. A member of Hampshire Police has been placed in the aerial ladder platform and the platform has been raised above the property in attempt to seek out where the man has taken up refuse. A source has revealed that the man has tired to escape Police after a warrant was issued for his failure to attend Court.

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