Man demands sun cream as he tries to escape police on Freshwater roof

Emergency services remain at Tennyson Road in Freshwater after a man has taken to the roof of his property and is refusing to come down. Police are understood to have called at the address just before lunchtime on Saturday morning to arrest a man who has been named locally as Matty Doyle after he failed to attend Isle of Wight court.

Armed Police officers have cordoned off the rear of the property and a large presence of emergency services remain at the front of the property. Friend of the man involved who have come down to try and talk the Man down say he will sit it out for as long as it takes. Police on ladders have given the man a bottle of water. It is understood that he has demanded suncream from the Police and is refusing to come down as the stand off between the police and man entered it’s fourth hour
Locals from around the area have started to gather brining bottles of beer to cheer the man on.
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