Exculsive: Eight Hour Stand Off in Freshwater Isle of Wight Ends over a Bottle of Cola

An eight hour stand off has come to an end after a man named locally as Matty Doyle was thrown a bottle of Cola by officers who had spent eight hours trying to talk the man down from a roof in Tennyson Road Freshwater on the Isle of Wight. The national air support helicopter from Bournemouth flew over the property just before 7pm on Saturday evening some eight hours after the start of the tense stand off with officers who had come to arrest the man for failing to appear at court.

After tense exchanged threw out the day the stand off came to a peaceful end.
The man was thrown a bottle of cola by an officer and than gave them the thumbs up and than climbed down a ladder and was walked into a waiting Police van by officers. Despite a major road being closed in the centre of freshwater locals have praised officers for their professional approach to resolving the incident. Many residents watched the drama play out through out the day and on social media. One person who asked not to be named had worked with Matty and said that he was a hard working guy who had a bit of a hard life. But even so he shouldn’t be doing this.

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