Police cordon off Property in Shanklin

Officers from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police remain at a property in Steephill Road in Shanklin. Officers attended a flat within The Post House just after 3pm on Sunday afternoon and remain on the second floor of the multi occupied block. Other residents within the property have been asked to remain indoors whilst two officers remain on guard on the second floor. it is understood that a number of officers attended a flat. It is currently unclear of the full circumstances or if anyone has been taken into custody as a result of the incident.
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One shocked resident who asked not to be named said Police turned up around 3.10pm There where two van and two Police cars some where parked outside the Shanklin Theatre. We always getting Police around here because of some of the undesirables that live in the block. It uses to be a really nice road to live in down its gone very down hill.

Scene of Crime officers have now arrived and taken charge of the scene two uniform officers remain at the crime scene.

Two Major Crime Officers have also arrived at the fast moving crime scene.
A business owner from The House of Spice said that he saw and ambulance and Police around about 4pm but Police aren’t telling us anything I’m hoping it’s not a murder.
Hampshire Police have been approach for comment.

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