Man Loses Part of his Finger after Vehicle Rolls on the Isle of Wight

man loses part of his finger after vehicle rolls on the isle of wight

A Pensioner has been taken to hospital this afternoon after losing part of his finger after his car ploughed into a parked car in Afton Road in Freshwater and rolled on to it’s roof. Emergency services were called at 12.45 on Monday lunchtime.

The man who is in 80’s is understood to have been at the local co-operative supermarket. Nearby workers at Bespoke Furniture described the collision as like a bomb going off. At first we thought it was one of the tyre going on at the garage near them. Wee went out to have a look we saw the man upside down in the car on it’s roof. We ran down to the car along with some other people who helped the man as he was trying to get out from the vehicle. The Police were brilliant they got here really quickly and than the ambulance and the Paramedics also turned up and treated the man. The old boy kept saying his finger was hurting as the Paramedics treated him. They strapped him to a spinal-board and than loaded him into the ambulance. The Man’s wife also attended the scene. The shaken up woman said that she was pleased that he was going to be ok and she was going to go to the hospital with him.
Police contractors from Stag Lane have used a Hiab to right the vehicle and have cleaned the road surface. The road has since been reopened in both directions at just after 2.20pm on Monday afternoon.
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