Hampshire Constabulary Say Damien Nettles Case is Closed than Back track

hampshire constabulary say damien nettles case is closed than back track

Hampshire Constabulary have totally written off Damien’s case. They ignore all contact made since the meeting in December 2017 telling me the case was closed.

Valerie Nettles has revealed. When Valerie questioned that. Officers then backtracked and said it wasn’t ‘closed’ but would periodically reviewed. But still – a courtesy of a response would go a long way to smoothing relationships which at this point is beyond unsatisfactory to negligible and ZERO!

Twenty one years ago , Isle of Wight teenager, Damien Nettles, waved “bye bye Mum” to his mother before heading out to a friend’s party in East Cowes, never to return home.

Valerie Nettles and her family have spent the following years searching for answers about Damien’s disappearance, or where his remains may be. They believe there are several people still living on the Isle of Wight who know what happened.

Early frustrations with Hampshire Constabulary tracking the wrong person on CCTV, then stating Damien was 19 when he was 16, and also somehow losing vital CCTV, have resulted in complaints to the IPCC. Sadly with no satisfactory resolution.

In fact, in recent weeks, Damien’s casebook has been removed from the Hampshire Constabulary Website without prior notice to the family.

Hateful rumours
If having your child go missing and the police make mistakes along the way wasn’t enough to cope with, his family and friends have had to endure many spiteful and vicious rumours over the years about what happened to Damien.