Brading High Street Closed for Resurfacing during Half Term Holiday is a Madness

brading high street closed for resurfacing during half term holiday is a madness

Brading High Street on the Isle of wight will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday night next week for resurfacing work. The closure will be in place from 7.30pm and 6am.

Island Roads says some preparatory work may be required in advance of the resurfacing.

The resurfacing of the High Street is part of the Island Roads resurfacing scheme

The work scheduled to last two night will be undertaken at night between the hours of 7.30pm and 6am in order to reduce disruption. The section of the High Street between New Road and Coach Lane will be resurfaced in the scheme.

So the project can be carried out as quickly and as safely as possible, a road closure will be put in place during the work and traffic diverted via Carpenters Road, Station Road, Embankment Road, Kings Road, Forelands Road, Steyne Road, Sandown Road and Marshcombe Shute. Some resident have said to carry out the works during the Half term holiday is a madness..

Island Roads have said:

“We hope to keep disruption to a minimum.”

“Nevertheless it is impossible to undertake such work in the heart of the town on what is also a through road without causing some inconvenience and we would like to thank residents and business in advance for their understanding.

“We hope that any short-term localised disruption will be offset by the long-term benefits of having this busy road significantly improved by this work.”