SandBrown Bay Drugs and Dealing are becoming a major issue

sandbrown bay drugs and dealing are becoming a major issue

A town councillor questioned Police officers at a local meeting this week on what steps they are taking to tackle the growing drug problem and dealing outside an Isle of Wight school.
Local officers have admitted that cracks and the shortage of numbers are showing due to cut backs on the Island. The problems of drug dealing outside Sandown Bay academy is out of control and growing said the councillor. We only have a certain amount of resources and a lot of our time is taken up investigating our own crimes now said one officer at the meeting on Monday. When we are made aware of the presence of a dealer or exchanging taking place we attend. We need more ways to engage with the public and need their help to tackle the problem. We are working with other partner agencies to move on undesirables from the area. A flash point or hot spot we are currently working on is Sandham Garden. We are in regular contact with the head at the school and officers try and make their presents known at home time . We have approached Isle of Wight Council for Comment.