Controlled Burning in Ryde prompts Fire Crew Response as costs mount up

controlled burning in ryde prompts fire crew response as costs mount up

A Fire crews was called as smoke billows into the air in Ryde this evening
Isle of Wight Fire and rescue were alerted by a member of the public at just before 9pm on Wednesday (May 23rd). A crew from ryde attended the burn and resident who had badly parked cars had to move them to enable the fire appliance to attend.

People are being urged to notify the fire service of controlled burnings after the crews were once again called out to a false alarm.

It emerged Isle of Wight firefighters are being called to about a dozen controlled burns each month – costing the service as much as £40,000 a year.

A fire service source, said crews were on average being called to more than 12 a month with the service having been called to 13 already in March and April alone. With a single attendance costing about £280, the cost of attending controlled burns totals around £3,360 a month – or £40,320 a year.