Don’t fall for the Amazon Scammers

I received a email claiming to be Amazon. It looked real. I mean very real. I clicked the link to cancel the subscription thinking £72 bill for prime. Well then it asked me to sign in. It did looked genuine. I proceeded to fill out name and address, date of birth stuff to confirm and clicked next.

That’s when it clicked as the next page requested confirmation of bank account details.. I back tracked resaving wrong personal details.. Realising this was not normal I called Amazon who confirmed no emails were sent by them to me. I forwarded the link to Amazon who confirmed this was the smartest scam they haven’t seen yet. I clicked the forward email link which revealed the senders details and it was NOT Amazon…. 100% scam and you will be fooled.. trust me unless your expecting it, the 24hour deadline throws you to act quick without thinking or checking. Please dont be fooled as I nearly was. Once I went to log into Amazon the scammers had changed my password its cleaver.. take a look at pictures and please SHARE don’t be fooled like i nearly was.