No She Didn’t Deserve to Die Forget your Refund

This is Georgia Jones the young girl who tragically died on Saturday yat mutiny! Does she look like a drug addict? NO! Did she deserve to die? NO!! She made a stupid choice which tragically ended her beautiful life, All these people complaining about a refund and saying anyone who takes drugs deserves this and why should they suffer for it, SHE WAS ONLY 18 YEARS OLD! Her family have been torn apart and now have a huge void forever in their lives, I can’t imagine the family’s pain or the hell they are going through right now, their little girl will never come back home, they will never see her beautiful face again! Youngsters can be so easily influenced, kids are curious, they do things they shouldn’t, as hard as we try we cant always keep them safe, let’s just think about the 2 families that got that heartbreaking knock at the door yesterday to be told that their beautiful babies are dead, my heart goes out to them massive respect to Munity for putting these families before their own profit! Rip beautiful girl
I get you want your money back, but please before you post anything have some consideration for what these families are going through