Breaking: Exclusive Security Search Staff Ordered by Mutiny Festival Not Search

breaking exclusive security search staff ordered by mutiny festival not search

We have spoken to front line staff who were working on the tragic weekend at Mutiny festival on Saturday that saw the loss of two young lives. Concerned security workers who had been contracted to work for Vespasian Security said that they were ordered not to carry out full searches and to get people into the venue. The public attending the event were at risk from the time that the doors opened. It was a ticking time bomb I’m surprised that the death toll isn’t higher said one shaken up worker. People are quick to blame the security but there just wasn’t enough of us to do the job without carry out all the searching there was only three dogs for the whole site to sniff out drugs and they could only work for a short period of time because of the dogs noses.

They had the wrong staff working on the VIP area and non of the VIP were being searched on the way in. The place was a wash with drug pill and everything else you could name. They were bring it in via their underwear in condoms but we couldn’t stop them we aren’t allowed to search in their trousers. The search tables were to close together and we didn’t have enough staff to carry out the searches. The toilets were a awash with condom that people had been bringing stuff in. I am so ashamed that I am not going to take my wages from them I have also shared by concerns with the Police. Whether they act on the information who know.. Someone needs to be held accountable for two people losing their lives. I am a professional and I reused to act on cutting out the searching I have done this job a very long time. When pressed about dealing with the festival our sources said that there were a number of local dealers and dealers from London present throughout the weekend. But unless we see something taking place we just have to let them get on with it. The management know and turn a blind eye to it. This really need to brought out in the open and uncovered properly on what really goes on in the festival. Vespasian Security was established in February 2006 It hit the headlines in 2016 when staff attacked a 15 year old boy at the Victorious festival. We know the company is based in Portsmouth and are a family-owned business. They claim they pride themselves on their friendly and supportive approach to their clients and staff. There diverse portfolio of regular clients includes national monuments, large business facilities, live events, film locations, licensed venues, private individuals as well as local government in UK and abroad. We have contacted both Mutiny and Vespasian Security neither have reply or provided us with a statement.

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