Water Drinking Conman Arrested after Theft in Newport

water drinking conman arrested after theft in newport

A young lad who cheeky asked for a drink of water than made off with the shop’s morning taking has been arrested. The theft took place on Monday morning from a premises in Newport on the Isle of Wight.

The foolish thief was spotted by eagle eyes officers who had come to take a statement from the manager of the targeted property. The shocked and upset chiropodist said: The lad just came in to my business. He sat down and then asked for a drink of water. moments after he had gone I realised that my takings for the morning had gone. The bare faced cheek. After phoning the Police who acted on the information they sent out a patrol car to come down and see me on their arrival he was (The Lad) waiting across the road. Evidently he has done this before. The man is now cooling off in the cell at Newport Police station where officer have offered him Bread and water for his trouble