Yobs Trash Newport Community Noticeboards Again

yobs trash newport community noticeboards again

After a previous attack to the noticeboards that share what is going on in and around the community on Sylvan Drive in Newport. Overnight scumbags have carried out an other mindless and pointless attack by vandalising the replacements. Daniel Faulkner Newport town clerks said :” It is with great sadness that we have to report a very alarming act of vandalism upon our new notice board on Sylvan Drive.

The new notice board that was only put up yesterday morning has been vandalised. It appears that the legs have been sawn in half which has resulted in the notice board falling, smashing the glass front in the process.
The crime has been reported to the police and we are hopeful that we will find whoever is responsible. If you have any information that may help us in the investigation, please contact the Clerk on (01983) 559119 or email us at [email protected]